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When will I receive my order?
We ship items within 2 to 3 business days of placing your order. Your order will then arrive within 8 to 30 business days.
USPS 10-15 Days Free United States
Standard shipping 30-40Days Free All Countries
Fedex 3-7 Days About $30 All Countries
DHL 3-7 Days About $30 All Countries
EMS 5-10 Days About $30 All Countries

We happily ship to (almost) all countries worldwide! Unfortunately, we do not currently ship to the following countries: Benin,Bermuda,FrenchSouthernTerritories,HeardIslandandMcDonaldIslands,

SouthGeorgiaAndTheSouthSandwichIslands,Turkmenistan,TurksandCaicos Islands,Saint-Barthélemy,AmericanSamoa,AlandIslands,Burundi,Bolivia,DutchCaribbean,BouvetIsland,CocoIsland,Congo,Coted’Ivoire,Island,Cameroon,ChristmasIsland,Domingo,WesternSahara,Eritrea,Jersey,Cayman,Islands,SaintLucia,Lesotho,Libya,Monaco,MarshallIslands,NorthernMariana,Mauritania,Malawi,BritishIsles(English),SaintKittsandNevis,BritishIsles(US),WesternSamoa,Mayotte,Yugoslavia,Zambia,Zaire,ChinaHongKong,Barbados,Belarus,Bosnia,botswana,BurkinaFaso,FrenchGuiana,Georgia,GuadeRopp,zimbabwe,Nepal,Seychelles,Uganda,Azerbaijan,Palestine,Panama,Ecuador,Kenya,Latvia,Moldova,SriLanka,Tunisia,Guatemala,Uruguay,Armenia,Albania,Angola,Lebanon,ReunionIsland,Estonia,Kazakhstan,Mauritius,Morocco,Algeria,Macedonia,Peru,Nigeria,Serbia,Thailand,Ukraine,Chile

We are not liable for any customs duties that may need to be paid upon international arrivals. 
If your order does not arrive in a timely manner or is held up by the carrier, please email us with your order number at

Are you still shipping orders during the Covid-19 situation?

Yes, we still ensure shipping during the Covid-19 situation. We do our utmost to ensure the fastest possible delivery. However, shipping times can sometimes be delayed by a few days.

Are you shipping internationally?

Are you offering prescription blue light blocking glasses
No, we do not offer prescription glasses or corrective lenses at the moment. However, we are working to be able to offer you this service very soon.

Is there a return guarantee?
We provide a 30 days guarantee upon receipt if the pair does not suit you. You can return the pair to our premises and we will refund you the full amount of your order. We also offer a lifetime guarantee that covers any problems. 
Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Blue Light Gaming Glasses - SHOML

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Blue Light Blocking Glasses - Blue Light Gaming Glasses - SHOML

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